Cantabria Labs, the leading brand in dermatological prescription in Europe, is proud to present BiRetix! The BiRetix cosmetic range specifically focuses on acne-prone skin. Its unique formulations effectively prevent and treat comedogenic and inflammatory acne.

Furthermore, its action is based on new RetinSphere® Technology. This next generation retinoid complex has a time-release formula for high efficacy and tolerability. This allows for the use of products for a prolonged period of time, without causing irritation or photosensitisation. Other formulations used in the range are salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and niacinamide.

As well as the above technology, BiRetix also uses Biopep-15. While the name might sound complicated, don’t worry it’s easy to understand! To summarise, its a plant-based peptide technology which targets the main bacteria involved in the development of acne.

The efficacy of BiRetix products has been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies conducted around the world, with results published in leading international scientific and medical journals.

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