What are the most effective probiotic supplements for acne treatment?

Acne treatments flow thick and fast throughout the beauty industry, offering a quick fix for acne prone skin. These high street products are usually packed with dyes and fragrances that often cause more irritation to the skin. What if there was a way to treat acne breakouts from the inside out? Luckily, the rise in probiotic supplements on the mass market has brought us a new way to treat acne. This article will describe how probiotics treat acne prone skin as well as suggest some recommended products for you to try at home.

What are probiotic supplements?

In simple terms, probiotics are products that contain collections of live bacteria or yeast that are beneficial for the overall immune system. Probiotics can be found in a variety of different forms such as pills, powders and even liquids. Usually, these products are used to treat digestive issues and help restore a balanced gut, but evidence suggests that probiotics can reduce the risk of some diseases as well as promote healthier skin.

Can probiotics supplements cause acne?

In most cases, probiotic supplements do not cause acne breakouts. In fact, these supplements are said to cure breakouts rather than cause them to occur. However, it must be mentioned that if you have issues with your intestines, the added bacteria from probiotics can cause distress in your gut. Therefore, your gut may become inflamed, and a pimple could form. As always, if you have any concerns, please consult a medical professional before incorporating a supplement into your lifestyle.

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Do probiotics help hormonal acne?

Over the decades, studies have shown that probiotics, both topical and internal supplements, are effective in treating acne prone. This is because these supplements help to release healthy bacteria into the gut, helping to improve and restore your wider immune system. Moreover, probiotics help to lessen the chance of inflammation when unhealthy bacteria emerge.

When inflammation does occur, our body releases an array of hormones within our body to help us fight off any harmful bacteria. This allows more oil is secreted from our sebaceous glands, meaning blemishes are more likely to occur. Thus, with a reduced risk of inflammation, less oil is likely to be released into our pores, meaning that breakouts are minimised.

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How can I cure my acne with probiotics?

Probiotics offer a wide selection of benefits both for the skin and for your overall physical health. This means that with regular use, a probiotic can cure and heal acne prone skin, giving you a clear and blemish free complexion.

These supplements help fight off harmful bacteria within the body, this includes the bacteria that causes acne. Therefore, your pores are less likely to become infected or clogged with unnecessary toxins. As a result, your skin will remain less congested and inflamed, leaving you with a more even and balanced skin tone.

Adding on to this, probiotics help to calm internal inflammation, which can stop the skin from breaking out when bacteria enter the body. This not only reduces the risk of acne breakouts but can also calm other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Therefore, probiotics can be said to soothe the skin and help it retain its resilience.

Finally, probiotics can also protect the skin from environmental damage. For example, if you live in a highly polluted area, a simple skin supplement can neutralise harmful free radicals within the skin. Therefore, you reduce the risk of your skin becoming clogged with dirt, oil and other toxins that are found in everyday life.

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What is the most effective probiotic on the market and why?

At Dermoi!, we offer a wide selection of effective skin supplements from a variety of premium brands. For example, the ‘Skin Clear Biome’ from Advanced Nutrition Programme is available on the Dermoi! online store for just £48.75 for 60 capsules.

Advanced Nutrition Programme showcases an array of carefully crafted skin supplements, all designed to treat skin conditions from the inside out. Their ‘Skin Clear Biome’ course of skin supplements aims to treat those with stressed and problem skin, including acne-prone and aging skin.

Additionally, these particular skin supplements are specifically designed to combat Dysbiosis, a microbial imbalance that can lead to redness, oiliness and irritation within the skin. Not to mention, Dysbiosis can cause poor concentration, mood swings and digestive issues, all problems that can negatively impact your everyday life.

Each ‘Skin Clear Biome’ capsule contains 3 unique strains of bacteria, 1 yeast strain and essential zinc to ensure optimal gut health. These properties work in unison to effectively soothe skin irritation, minimise oil production and support wider immunity. The capsules are coated in an outer layer that is designed to release bacteria where it is most needed, ensuring complete protection and healthier-looking skin.

Adding on to this, ‘Skin Clear Biome’ is said to have incredible results with 74% of participants admitting that they had clearer and more even skin after just 60 days of consistent use. Thus, ‘Skin Clear Biome’ is the perfect probiotic for wider immunity and better-looking skin.

Is it safe to take a probiotic every day?

Probiotics are safe for regular use and it is recommended that you take a probiotic supplement every day. This is because, in order to gain the best results, it is essential that you create a consistent routine.

In regard to the ‘Skin Clear Biome’, it is advised that you take one capsule per day alongside a meal to ensure effective results.

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Should I take probiotics in the morning or at night?

In reality, it doesn’t really matter whether you take your probiotic supplements in the morning or the evening. That being said, most professionals recommend that you take the supplement with a meal so that the bacterial strains have more chance of survival in the gut. Moreover, it is advised that you take your supplement at the same time every day, so that your body is better able to create an effective routine.

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How to get rid of acne scars?

More often than not, acne breakouts are paired with stubborn acne scars. If you are lucky, acne scars will fade without any treatment in around 3 months. However, if damage has occurred deep within the skin, acne scars can be permanent. Fortunately, there is an array of treatments that can help minimise the appearance of these scars.

For example, chemical peels, such as the ones showcased on the Dermoi! online store, can help exfoliate the skin and encourage new skin cells to form. Therefore, with an increase in cell turnover, acne scars are more likely to fade, giving you a brighter and more radiant complexion.

As mentioned previously, probiotics help to strengthen our immune system, which helps our bodies to heal at a faster rate. Thus, by using an effective probiotic consistently, your skin will be better able to heal after breakouts and minimise the appearance of acne scars.

Thirdly, Vitamin C serums are the perfect way to reduce dark spots. This is because these serums are packed with powerful antioxidants that can neutralise free radicals and help minimise hyperpigmentation. As a result, you will notice a more balanced and clearer skin surface.

Acne will always be a sensitive topic for many people, as many of its sufferers do not feel as if they will ever defeat this skin condition. With a variety of different acne treatments available on the mass market, it can be hard to know where to turn. If you are looking to heal acne with a more holistic approach, try using Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Clear Biome, to help revitalise your gut as well as your skin.

Author: Melody Day