Placenta Skincare: Is This the Next Beauty Craze?

Throughout this blog, you can discover the latest, bizarre beauty craze placenta skincare! As well as this find out more about this shocking new ingredient and how it can massively improve your skin…

What Are The Benefits of Adding Placenta into Skin Care?

The inclusion of the placenta in skincare products has recently surged in popularity due to it being exceptionally rich in skin-enhancing nutrients.

Placenta skin care benefits include:

Where Do Skincare Brands Get the Placenta From?

Ovine (sheep) placenta is most frequently used by skincare brands because of its unique skin benefits. However, you can also obtain placenta from other high-quality animal sources, plants, or humans.

Dr. Maryam Zamani, founder of MZ Skin is a lover of using placenta in skincare. She features ovine placenta extract in two of her innovative skincare products.

The cruelty-free brand extracts the placenta ethically and safely, from a small rural sheep farm in New Zealand. To elaborate, the farmers extract the placenta after the sheep have successfully given birth, by breaking apart the placental tissue.

Notably, it is important to check the sourcing method and location of your placental protein skin care products in order to ensure ethicality.

Does Using Placenta Actually Work?

The placenta is rich in nutrients, proteins, and amino acids. As well as this, it’s also rich in bioactive peptides, growth factors, and enzymes. To summarise, all of these have skin-enhancing benefits. For this reason alone, it is no wonder placenta-based skin care has risen in popularity!

The bestselling MZ Replenish & Restore Placenta & Stem Cell Night Recovery Mask is a prime example of an effective plancenta product. It stimulates cell growth to create a youthful complexion, while firming and evening skin tone.

So in other words, yes, using placenta does work! The results speak for themselves!

What Types of Placenta Products Are There?

Skincare with placenta has hit the market by storm as of late. Indeed, placenta based skincare products typically include face masks, sheet masks, creams, and serums.

Usually, skincare products will mix the placenta with other ingredients to enhance skin benefits and provide extra nourishment.

Is Placenta Good for Your Face?

Placenta is rather effective in firming and hydrating the skin. Furthermore, due to its regenerative properties, it is a great ingredient for repairing the skin barrier and minimising the appearance of imperfections.

Additionally, because of its high protein content, the placenta is a key ingredient for improving collagen and elastin production. This in turn gives the skin a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Is placenta good for your face? To answer simply, it’s remarkably good for your face. This is due to the amplitude of benefits that placenta based skincare products provide.

In summary, there is a reason placenta is trending in skincare – the amount of nutrients it contains says it all!

Placenta and Skin Conditions

Since placenta extract is so abundant in a wide variety of minerals, proteins, and amino acids, it is effective at treating and reducing skin conditions. These include premature skin aging, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea. As well as this, it’s also great for treating acne.

Credited for its healing powers, the unique ingredient’s benefits range from promoting wound healing to repairing skin damage. As well as this, they also prevent a loss of collagen and elasticity.

The extraordinary thing about placenta is that anyone can use it! This is because it is natural, and does not carry (potential) side effects such as retinoids, for example.

However, if you are unsure – speak to a medical professional.

It is incredible what the placenta has brought to the skincare world! It is an underrated and overlooked ingredient that, if processed properly, can have transformative, skin-enhancing qualities.

Though it is only recently gaining recognition, it is no surprise that placenta is on its way to becoming the next skincare craze…

Author: Georgie Falcone


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