Acne Treatments: All types of acne and how to treat them

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, many people around the world suffer from acne, making it one of the most common skin issues on the planet. Over the years, many different ingredients and treatments have been touted for their magical properties in an effort to eradicate or minimalise acne, often featuring life-changing results. However, one size does not fit all, with acne presenting itself in a variety of different forms. In order to reap the maximum benefits of acne treatment, we must first determine what type of acne we may suffer from.

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What types of acne exists?

Regardless of the type, acne is often associated with oily skin and spots caused by clogged pores, that leaves the face, chest and back feeling aggravated and even hot to touch. It is believed that there are six different types of acne, that fall into one of two categories noninflammatory and inflammatory. The key distinction between noninflammatory and inflammatory acne is that the latter normally causes swelling and soreness often a result of a bacterial infection, whilst the former is not. So, what are the different types of acne?

Noninflammatory acne

Blackheads: Also known as open comedones, blackheads are small black or yellow bumps that appear when a pore is clogged by both excess sebum and dead skin cells. The black appearance of these pimples is a result of dead skin cells or sebum on top of an open hair follicle that has reacted with oxygen, resulting in a darker colour.

Whiteheads: Also known as closed comedones, are very similar to blackheads and are a result of dead skin cells mixed with sebum, but instead are found on the surface of closed pores. Whiteheads have a harder exterior than blackheads and sit under the skin.

Inflammatory acne

Papules: Appear as small red bumps under the surface of the skin that have formed from hard clogged pores caused by severe inflammation. The pimples are pink in colour and can be very sore to the touch.

Pustules: Similar to papules, pustules are small red bumps that are filled with pus with a white head on top surrounded by red and inflamed skin that has swelled. Similar to papules, pustules protrude from under the surface of the skin.

Nodules: A more severe form of acne, nodules are located deeper under the surface of the skin than papules or pustules. These type of acne lesions are hard to touch and can be very painful.

Cysts: The most severe form of acne, cysts are pus-filled spots that appear as large swollen lumps under the skin. Cysts are the result of clogged pores that have become infected with bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum. The red or white spots can become easily inflamed, making them more painful to touch as a result of severe infection. Cysts are also the most likely form of acne to scar.

Now that we are aware of the different types of acne that exist, how exactly can we treat this skin condition? Keep reading to find out the best solution for you and your acne type.

How to be confident with an acne-scarred face

Can I have my acne treatment at home?

Fortunately, here at Dermoi! we offer in-home treatments for all six types of acne. With science at the core, our advanced facial treatments help gently heal the affected skin and deliver real change with both immediate and long-lasting results. Once more, our treatments that are medically backed by doctors and supplied by qualified aestheticians, can all be booked to take place in the comfort of your own home, making it that much easier to achieve healthy skin. Any treatment can be booked online at a time that suits you. Not only do our in-home treatments work around your schedule, but your skin immediately gets to work to heal itself without the adverse effects of everyday pollution and weather conditions.

How to treat all types of acne?

Here at Dermoi! we have developed two specialised facials to help treat all types of acne. Both our Vitamin Infusion and Facial Peel acne treatments make use of the most advanced tools including galvanic technology, ultrasonic stimulation, vibration massage as well as blue LED light therapy, helping to give the face a deep cleanse cellular level without leaving the skin feeling aggravated or sensitised. Both facials have been designed to regulate cell renewal, reduce excess sebum and inflammation, as well as help to eradicate bacteria, making them optimum treatments to handle even the most severe acne breakouts.

Both the Vitamin Infusion and Facial Peel offer great immediate and long-term benefits, with visible signs of a healthier-looking appearance in days, thanks to reduced inflammation and clearing pores. Over the course of treatment, our facials help to prevent future skin breakouts, whilst also minimalising existing acne and scarring without having to worry about skin irritation or redness. Likewise, both treatments work wonders in evening skin tone, refining skin texture and balancing oil production, helping to significantly reduce the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation. Dermoi! facial treatments are really a fantastic way to accelerate cell renewal and heal skin breakouts, that cannot be achieved by a daily skincare routine alone.

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How often should I have acne facial treatment?

As for skincare enthusiasts, we have adopted a holistic approach and suggest incorporating regular facial treatments into your routine every 3-4 weeks for maximum reward and visible results. This will allow your skin efficient time to effectively regenerate within the interval. And with the added benefit of providing accessible in-home care, never has maintained a course of treatment been so easy!

Why a natural acne treatment is in many cases preferable

What should I prepare before my facial treatment?

It is recommended to avoid using exfoliants 7 days prior to treatment where possible, in order to not intervene with the facial. You can, however, continue using active ingredients but please make sure to inform your aesthetician on arrival, so they may tailor the treatment accordingly where needed. It is completely up to you where the facial takes place in your home! Keep in mind comfortability, somewhere you are able to lie down and that allows your aesthetician to easily move around you. Additionally, the therapist will need access to a chair or stool, someplace to store treatment and tools, as well as running water. Our facials are all about ensuring relaxation and luxury in your own home, so feel free to wear anything you feel comfortable in, whilst bearing in mind easy access to your face and neck.

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What are the benefits of Vitamin Infusion for acne?

It is advised that clients suffering from acne initially begin with our Vitamin Infusion facial, developed by leading SkinCeuticals expert Dr. Ben Johnson of Osmosis Beauty. Helping to restore the skin, this acne treatment, utilises Osmosis Beauty’s patented liposomal delivery system to ensure fast effective results. Liposomal delivery has been specifically designed to treat acne at an intensive level, by carrying vitamins and actives into the cell membrane which penetrates the deepest skin layers. The infusion of Vitamin A along with the powerhouse acids mandelic and niacinamide employed in the method of Liposomal delivery, which uses galvanic and ultrasound technology as well as LED light to enhance performance, helps to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal. Moreover, the star ingredient of this treatment, retinaldehyde, a very potent dose of Vitamin A, supports the fading of acne scarring and reduces the occurrence of future breakouts to ensure healthier-looking skin.

Contributing to a glowing complexion, beta-glucans and willow herb, along with the active acid powders are called upon to exfoliate the skin. Specifically, exfoliating helps with white and blackhead removal, by killing the bacteria that act as a breeding ground for acne formation, leading to a clearer and smaller sized pores. Likewise, the aforementioned ingredients contain exfoliating properties that likewise benefit severer forms of acne, by relieving the skin of inflammation and evening skin tone.

Therefore, due to the versatility of ingredients found within the Vitamin Infusion facial, along with the transformative Liposomal delivery, this is the perfect treatment to target both inflammatory and noninflammatory conditions, which is both soothing and clarifying to the skin.

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How does Facial Peel for acne work?

Our facial peel incorporates products by iS Clinical who are renowned for treating problem skin. This facial peel is an intensive chemical exfoliating treatment, that targets even the most stubborn forms of acne, including cysts. By utilising the holy trinity of acids – glycolic acid, retinol and niacinamide, this treatment deeply exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and bacteria, regulates sebum production, all whilst encouraging cell renewal and collagen production.

Similar to the Osmosis’ Vitamin Infusion facial, our facial peel makes use of advanced technology, that helps to boost circulation and strengthen tissue muscles, but also eliminates bacteria and unclog pores at a microscopic level, making this a vital treatment for those with congested skin. Despite the intensive work of the acids, this treatment leaves your skin feeling nourished and soothed, thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts.

Touted as the number one ingredient for dry skin, hyaluronic acid is great for boosting hydration and retaining moisture, whilst helps to protect the skin’s lipid barrier, which is all too often compromised in acne and acne-prone conditions. Likewise, hyaluronic acid is a highly effective ingredient in decreasing redness, irritation and visibility of acne, nor is it comedogenic, making it the perfect ally to glowing skin. The combined ingredients are a great source towards skin clarity, by, on one hand, healing facial scarring and pigmentation issues, and on another, ensuring a brighter and refined complexion.

Greater still, there is no worry of skin flaking, which can often be an unwanted result of many facial peels, nor is there any downtime. Combining innovative technology and pharma-grade ingredients, we are happy to offer yet another multidimensional treatment, that is perfect for all different types of acne and will calm and rejuvenate even the most severe.

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How long will it take to get the results from acne treatments?

Both Osmosis’ Vitamin Infusion and iS Clinical’ Facial Peel, get to work on the skin immediately. After just a few days, you can expect to see results and a difference in the appearance and texture of your face. As your skin continues to regenerate in between sessions, the results from our acne treatments may last up to thirty days, giving you that instant glow for longer! In order to reap transformative and long-lasting benefits, we would recommend a course of six treatments.

After your facial treatment, the aesthetician will guide you in a follow-up skincare routine to help the longevity of results. We recommend avoiding exfoliants for seven days after treatment to not cause any unwanted inflammation or aggravate the skin. Likewise, it is pertinent that you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 rating and avoid direct sunlight. This is because the high-quality acids employed in our treatments can make the skin more sensitised and therefore more susceptible to UV rays and sun damage. Sun damage can flare up acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation, as well as cause redness and excess sebum production, essentially unravelling all the benefits of our acne facial treatments. If that doesn’t make you want to reach for the sunscreen, I don’t know what will!

Instead, continue to be kind and gentle to your skin, which will not only help keep acne at bay but will be a great boost to your mental health.

How to get rid of acne scars?

As we have mentioned above, both facial treatments that we offer are great at reducing the appearance and healing acne scars, giving the face an overall healthier look. Our non-ablative laser treatments (blue light therapy) help to repair the damage caused by scarring, by encouraging collagen production, which is particularly beneficial for severe acne sufferers. Similarly, the AHAs used in our facials, contain enzymes that help breakdown pigmentation and fade scars, leaving you with a fresher and brighter complexion. Therefore, we strongly believe that we offer the best acne treatments in town, that combines advanced technology with powerful ingredients.

If you would like to continue the fight against acne scarring post-treatment, why not try the Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Collagen Plus, 120 Capsules. Containing Vitamin A and C, these oral capsules complement our facial treatments, as they too can help to boost collagen and repair the skin’s elasticity. With regular intake, this essentially aids plump and smooth skin whilst allowing fine lines, wrinkles and scars to fade.

We sincerely hope, that our facial treatments will help you be on the way to saying goodbye to acne flareups and skin breakouts in no time!


Author: Hermoine Mills